Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL)

is a behavioral research and intervention agency.
It offers its services to governments, militaries, political parties,

and commercial companies who seek to affect behavioral change amongst key audience groups.


Design of various defense reports with Microsoft Word - (under NDA)



"...Heading up the design team at a strategic communications company is no easy job, having to work on multiple project deadlines at any one time,
and being subjected to the whims and grills of stressed project managers. Yet Sabine made it look like a breeze.
Design was often the last thing on the minds of our project teams,
and Sabine managed to change the workflow between us as project managers (and our teams) and the design team,
making the process more cost effective and infinitely easier!
Our clients have been consistently impressed by the standard of work we delivered under tight deadlines,

and the look and feel of thousands of pages of project reports rested on the shoulders of this one amazing lady
who consistently managed to integrate content and design and deliver to impossible overnight deadlines."
Gaby Van den Berg - Project Manager and Consultant, SCL/BDi


"...Sabine was invaluable to our work at SCL. Able to keep her head in the face of deadlines
her absolute commitment to quality and detail in design dragged us onto a higher level.
On one project in particular, she dealt effectively with the competing demands of three project teams and exacting clients
managing her team of designers with aplomb – and somehow retaining a sense of humour throughout.
In doing so, she played a key role in the delivery of a high-quality product.
I wholeheartedly recommend Sabine, who would boost any team."
Tom Wein - Project Leader, SCL


"...Sabine worked closely with my teams to produce professionally formatted reports for our clients.

These projects had complex multi-country objectives.
She was involved from kick off to input to the project timeline to ensure we delivered on time
Sabine also worked with our deliverables to design a report template structure and process
Her insightful input and helpful, upbeat attitude enabled the SCL teams to work efficiently and
deliver professional reports on time.
Not one to be beaten, she became an expert in Word and always found a solution to any problems that arose.
She worked very hard and her great sense of humour saw us through some late nights working!"
Joanna Lane - Project Leader, SCL


"...Sabine is an outstanding designer who is totally unflappable.
Sabine is able to manage the tightrope between speed and creativity
even when the less experienced of us are screaming about deadlines.
I wholeheartedly recommend Sabine, not just because she is an asset to any creative team,
but because she can balance design with practicality and efficiency.
This is why she was head of our Design and Production at SCL."

Nigel Oakes - CEO, SCL Group - Strategic Communication Laboratories


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